Keynote Speakers
Noémie Elhadad, PhD
Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Columbia University

Title: When Patients Tell You Who They Are: Learning From Patients Experiences

Bio. Dr. Noemie Elhadad obtained her PhD in 2006 from the computer science department at Columbia University. For her doctoral work as part of the natural language processing group led by Prof. Kathy McKeown, she focused on multi-document text summarization of clinical literature. She was on the computer science faculty at The City College of New York and the CUNY graduate center starting in 2006 before joining the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia in the fall of 2007. In 2013, she was named chair of the Health Analytics center, part of the Columbia Data Science Institute.

Dr. Elhadad’s research interests are in natural language processing and data mining, with a particular focus on summarization and discourse-level structuring of information. She investigates ways in which clinical data sets (e.g., patient records) and consumer health data sets (e.g., online health communities) can be processed automatically to enhance access to relevant information for clinicians, patients, and health researchers alike. Her work is funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Library of Medicine, the National Institute for General Medical Sciences, and the National Cancer Institute, as well as the Google Faculty Research Awards program and the Simons Foundation.

Nitesh Chawla, PhD
Frank M. Freimann Professor of Computer Science & Engineering and Director of The Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science & Applications (iCeNSA) at the University of Notre Dame

Title:  Being a Dataologist: Data will see you now

Bio. Nitesh Chawla, Ph.D., is passionate about Big Data for the Common Good. His research is making fundamental advances in machine learning, network and data science, especially in the areas of link prediction, higher order networks, co-evolution and dynamics of networks, learning from imbalanced data, distributed learning, concept drift, and evaluation issues for machine learning and data mining algorithms. His research is bridging disciplinary boundaries for transformative applications in healthcare, education, environment, and national security - technology meets society to augment human intelligence and creativity.

Amit Sheth, PhD
Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
Knoesis - Wright State University

Title:  Augmented Personalized Health: using AI techniques on semantically integrated multimodal data for patient empowered health management strategies

Abstract: Healthcare as we know it is in the process of going through a massive change - from episodic to continuous, from disease-focused to wellness and quality of life focused, from clinic centric to anywhere a patient is, from clinician controlled to patient empowered, and from being driven by limited data to 360-degree, multimodal personal-public-population physical-cyber-social big data-driven. While the ability to create and capture data is already here, the upcoming innovations will be in converting this big data into smart data through contextual and personalized processing such that patients and clinicians can make better decisions and take timely actions for augmented personalized health. In this talk, we will discuss how the use of AI techniques on semantically integrated patient-generated health data (PGHD), environmental data, clinical data, and public social data is exploited to achieve a range of augmented health management strategies that include self-monitoring, self-appraisal, self-management, intervention, and Disease Progression Tracking and Prediction.  We will review examples and outcomes from a number of applications, some involving patient evaluations, including asthma in children, bariatric surgery/obesity, mental health/depression, that are part of the Kno.e.sis kHealth personalized digital health initiative.

Background: Augmented Personalized Health: How Smart Data with IoTs and AI is about to Change Healthcare

Bio. Prof. Amit Sheth is an Educator, Researcher, and Entrepreneur. He is an Ohio Eminent Scholar, executive director of Kno.e.sis-Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing (also an Ohio Center of Excellence in BioHealth Innovations), and an IEEE Fellow. He is among the highly cited computer scientists (h-index = 97), and among the top authors in World Wide Web and Semantic Web . He has founded three companies by licensing his university-led research, including the first Semantic Web company in 1999 that pioneered technology similar to what is found today in Google Semantic Search and Knowledge Graph. Several commercial products and deployed systems have resulted from his research. He is particularly proud of his students’ exceptional success in academia, industry research labs and as entrepreneurs. More: